Saturday, 21 December 2013

Chinese Build Record Breaking Bridge

The following poem is by Joe Thompson, a long time Social Crediter, in response to a new bridge built by China.

Money flows in, and money flows out,

And all around, and all about,

One economy strong, and another weak,

And neither knows just what they seek.

What makes one great, or seals another's fate,

Some highly flawed figures that dominate?

Some money that moves on roll of the dice,

While still all 'costs' can't come back from 'price'?

Does anyone this question ask,

Before they start on their new task,

At making marvels to more impress,

And creating still a bigger mess?

"Is that time cut to cross the gorge,

For a longer day still, at the forge?"

Any sense in this? I cannot see.

Perhaps some national jealousy,

To always be biggest, and thereby best,

And eliminate the 'Day of Rest'?

While man-made marvels compete in measure,

How many of them increase our 'leisure'?

Great national pride may well be nice,

But with flawed figures, what is the price?

by Joe Thompson